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What Happened to The Real Geek Girl?

If this isn't your first time here, you may be a little confused. What's a Zillenni? Where's The Real Geek Girl? Long story short: The Real Geek Girl is right here, she's just evolved to her final form (see, a Pokemon reference, the geek still runs deep in this store!)

The Real Geek Girl was founded on a simple idea: cute apparel for girls who love geeky things. But as we've grown we've branched outside of the fandomsphere, creating designs for groovy girls, boho beauties, and witchy women as well. Once we realized that our target demographic was expanding, we decided to create a name that fit that.

(Note: I keep saying "we" even though it's just me, which is a thing businesses are supposed to do, I guess?)

Anyways, after thinking long and hard about who our demographic really is, we realized it's people like us. Zillennials; those of us who are at the end of the millennial age range, the beginning of the Gen Z age range, or somewhere stuck in the middle.

Zillenni is short for Zillennial, as we hope our brand can appeal to both generations, Millennial and Gen-Z (and anyone else who shares our interests!) Zillenni is still the same quirky brand you know and love, but with a new name and style that better fits our audience.

Zillenni is here to bridge the gap between these two generations, who have so much in common once you move past the skinny jeans and side parts.

Best of all, Zillenni is for everyone. All genders, sexualities, and ages are welcome here. They were welcome when we were The Real Geek Girl as well, but we fear the name may have mislead non-female identifying humans to believe otherwise.

Thanks for sticking with us (or joining us, if you're new around here!) and most of all, thanks for caring enough to read this little update. It means the world to this small business owner.